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Web Development Course

Web development

Website Development Course In Zirakpur

Website development in Zirakpur – Industrial Training Guru provides the best job oriented website development training and best web development course in zirakpur. Here all the students are completely free to use the projects they work on to develop their portfolio while taking the course. Web development training provides a hand on experience through which they are completely know how to code the website along with frontend and backend design.


To become a Web Developer, you should also have an complete understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript language. It’s also recommended to learn about CSS and CSS framework. Development of these fundamentals of web development skills will give you the foundation and logic for communicating with programming languages.

  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • React JS
  • PHP & MySQL
  • CodeIgniter
  • Laravel
  • Ajax & JSON


WEB DEVELOPMENT – The process of builting website and web application or any network for internet is called web development. Its relation is not only with website design but also with coding and programming. It helps to make website fast. The information you get from search engine is already published on website. Website development training makes you expert programmer. Any student from science, commerce, arts stream are able learn web development. Rather than static page the development of tools of content management system, social media platform, apps and e-commerce website are also part of web development.

WEB DEVELOPER QUALIFICATION – If you want to become a website developer, you must have degree or diploma of web designing. 12th pass students from any stream can do undergraduate, diploma or certification course related to web developer. Candidates have to learn programming languages like Python, PHP, C++, HTML and JavaScript. Keeping an eye on the changes taking place in this field, one should also command new languages like React, View Front, Node’ Js and Express Lead.


To become a web designer and developer, Candidate has necessary to be creative. Communication skill and the ability to work in a team make the way of success easy. Apart of this, you have also complete knowledge of HTML, CSS, Visual design, UX/UI

(User Experience/ User Interface) design. Knowledge of JavaScript, Web Animation, PHP, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch and SEO is necessary to become a Full stack developer.


 FRONT END DEVELOPER– The programmer who code the front end of the website. His work is to convert the website design files into raw HTML, JavaScript or in CSS code. Website design, images, contents, navigation, and internal links are also included in it.

 BACKEND DEVELOPER – They are those types of programmers who create the logical backend core of website. A developer built the components and features which are directly or indirectly accessed by the user through front end applications.

 FULL STACK WEB DEVELOPER – Programmer who works on both front end and backend end of a website. Full stack developer has complete knowledge of all programming languages used in development of frontend and backend. It means they handle the projects in which databases are involved and develop user-facing website.

 SOFTWARE DEVELOPER – They create the foundation for operating system on which the computer programmer works and they design, write, and test the code for new system and software’s to ensure efficiency.

Learn the basics of web development

On this course from the Industrial Training Guru, you’ll initially create a site utilizing HTML, style it with CSS, and afterward make it intuitive utilizing JavaScript.

En route you’ll find out about the crate model, which depicts how sites are spread out by programs, and about the Document Object Model, which your JavaScript code will collaborate with to progressively change your pages.

We are the one of the best website development course providers in zirakpur

In the last week, you’ll plan and make a test site page and exhibit your new abilities by making your own site.