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digital marketing institute in zirakpur

Digital Marketing Training in Zirakpur

Industrial Training Guru is the best company for Digital Marketing Course in Zirakpur, near Chandigarh Mohali and Panchkula. In simple terms, Digital Marketing is also known as Internet Marketing. Industrial Training Guru Advanced Digital Marketing Course covers up 28 Modules wherein you can learn digital marketing from industry experts how to do marketing online, bring targeted traffic to website, generate potential business leads and increase brand awareness using various online platforms like search engines, social media, email marketing, online display advertising, content marketing, bulk SMS, voice SMS, toll free missed call, WhatsApp marketing, google business and much more.

Industrial Training Guru not only provides the expert digital marketing training to students but also to Entrepreneurs, Corporates, Working Professionals, Job Seekers, startup companies, Digital Marketers etc. regardless of their field of work and experience.


Search Engine Optimization SEO – It is a most important technique in digital marketing used to make our website at top in searching. It is of two types’ On-page SEO and off-page SEO. This technique is also used to increase traffic on website. To increase our ranking we need to add best keyword to our website according to SEO guidelines

Social Media Marketing – Social media marketing is a combination of many types of marketing like face book marketing, Instagram marketing, Quora marketing, Twitter marketing, LinkedIn marketing, YouTube marketing etc. By using social media marketing it is easy to explore our thoughts in front of many peoples in very easy way. At that time All peoples are using about social media and many types of advertisements are shown on social media.   

E-mail marketing – It is the process in which the company delivers the information about their product through e-mail. If company providing any offer, discount and limited time service. Then they make an email and send to their targeted audience to increase their sell.

YouTube marketing – It is the type of social media through which the company can promote their business by making video advertisement and by showing this video advertisement they get reviews comments and feedbacks easily about their product. YouTube is such a platform which is very crowded or says that most of the people are active on YouTube. It is the best platform to promote our product and business by videos.

Affiliate marketing – it is the process in which by using websites, Blogs and links you promote your product and the commission you generate by this method is called affiliate marketing. Under it you can make a link and add a product on this link and if the customer can click on this link then you get a n amount of commission. This type of marketing is mostly used on e-commerce websites.

Pay-Per click marketing (PPC) – When you have to for watching any advertisement. Then this type of advertisement is called Pay-Per click advertisement. As its name suggest that money is deducted by clicking on it. It is for every type of advertisement. These advertisements are keep coming in between and if anybody can watch the advertisement than the money is deducted. it is also the part of digital marketing.

Apps Marketing – By making different type of apps on internet to reach peoples and to promote the product on it is called app marketing. It is best way of digital marketing. These days large amount of peoples are using mobile phones. Big companies can Make their app and reaches people.

Who should Join this course:

  Entrepreneurs, Business Owners
  Working Professionals
  Job Seekers
  Startup Companies and Corporates
  Digital Marketing Professionals
  Sales and Marketing Professionals