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Ms Word

Master Microsoft Word Beginner to Advanced

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Industrial Training Guru Institute offers you MS Excel 6month best basic to advance    MS Word course in zirakpur. MS Word is a widely used commercial word processor developed by Microsoft for all operating systems. ISO 9001 : 2008 certified institute Industrial training guru institute provides this MS Word course in zirakpur.

MS Word is based on including (WYSIWYG) What You See Is What You Get display. In this MS word course you will learn how Built-in Spell checker, Font styles, Bullets, Text styles, Alignment tools, Inserting image, video, page layout, mailings and reviews are work.  

In this course you will learn SUM, MIN, MAX  and all conditional statements in basic of this course and after these statements we will cover all the advance topics like VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, If statements, spark links , Pivot tables and all macro operations suitable for beginners. After this course you will easily handle the excel projects and complete them expertly.


Getting Started with WordIdentify the Word Interface, Create a Word Document, Help

  • Editing a DocumentNavigate and Select Text, Modify Text, Find and Replace Text

  • Formatting Text and Paragraphs – Apply Character Formatting, Align Text Using Tabs, Display Text as List Items, Control Paragraph Layout, Apply Borders and Shading, Apply Styles and Manage Formatting

  • Adding TablesInsert a Table, Modify a Table, Format a Table, Convert Text to a Table

  • Managing Lists – Sort a List, Renumber a List, Customize a List

  • Inserting Graphic Objects – Insert Symbols and Special Characters, Add Images to a Document

  • Controlling Page AppearanceApply a Page Border and Color, Add a Watermark, Add Headers and Footers, Control Page Layout

  • Proofing a Document – Check Spelling and Grammar, Other Proofing Tools, Check Accessibility

  • Customizing the Word Environment – Customize the Word Interface, Additional Save Options


Table Pivot


·         100% practical training +live projects

·         Highly experienced trainers

·         Only 10-15 students in one session

·         Develop and publish 5 projects

·         Effective for beginners and advanced candidates

·         MS Word certification


This Microsoft Word training course aims to provide new users with the essential skills needed to create, edit and print professional looking documents using text, tables, lists and pictures as well as covering simple mail merge. Particular emphasis is placed on developing accurate and well-designed documents.

The course begins by showing you how to navigate around Microsoft Word. It then quickly gets you to create a new document before moving onto features such as text manipulation and enhancement, creating and using tabs and tables, embellishing documents with clip art and pictures, creating multiple documents through merging and printing documents.

Select now to go from starting Word to Advanced client. This course will take you through a complete comprehension of the most well known word handling instruments available. As your educator I will utilize my 15+ long periods of Microsoft Office preparing to direct you bit by bit as you further foster your abilities in Microsoft Word. Regardless of whether you are a carefully prepared Word clients you will be flabbergasted at the strategies and instruments you get to assist you with turning out to be more useful and proficient in Word.

At fruition of this course you will have dominated the most well known and sought after Microsoft Word devices and leave away with certainty to finish many Word assignments with effectiveness and elegance. The following are only a couple of the themes you will dominate:

Making Dynamic Microsoft Word Documents

Actually Formatting a Document with Styles

Plan Documents for Printing and Exporting

Oversee Large Documents

Working with Page and Section Breaks

Control Page Orientation

Make and Manage Table Layouts

Work with Tab Stops to Align Content Properly

Embed Media and Images

Perform Mail Merges to make Mailing Labels and Form Letters

Construct and Deliver Word Forms

Oversee Templates

Safeguard Documents from Edits

Track and Accept/Reject Changes to a Document

Fabricate Dynamic Table of Contents

also, a whole lot more…


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What you'll learn

✓ You will learn how to take full advantage of Microsoft Word

✓ Begin with the basics of creating Microsoft Word documents

✓ Various techniques to create dynamic layouts
Preparing documents for printing and exporting

✓ Format documents effectively using Microsoft Word Styles

✓ Control page formatting and flow with sections and page breaks

✓ Create and Manage Table Layouts

✓ Work with Tab Stops to Align Content Properly

✓ Perform Mail Merges to create Mailing Labels and Form Letters

✓ Build and Deliver Word Forms

✓ Manage Templates

✓ Track and Accept/Reject Changes to a Document

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